Picker’s Diary – GameWeek #25

The world is officially upside down. We’re living in the post truth era. An era where Sunderland, Hull and Watford can all win a football match on the same day.  Thankfully, that home tie with Burnley was too good an opportunity for me to turn down and finally rid myself of one of my Watford picks.

Surely this all leaves you in a bit of a picker’s pickle? Who can we now rely on to gift us three points? I’m still sitting here with two Sunderland picks left, and two for Leicester but I still don’t feel brave enough to choose either of them.

With form swinging wildly could Hull, amazingly playing like a proper team without having a British manager, beat Arsenal? I want to pick this result, I really do, but again I’m going to chicken out. I think you’d be braver to pick Arsenal here.

Sunderland, on a high, are matched up against Southampton. I’d be more confident of going for Saints here: as much as they smashed Palace I still believe the Black Cats are the league’s most rotten team, with possibly its worst manager. And I really have a soft spot for Sunderland so it pains me to write that. I’ll avoid.

So where to look for getting a valuable pick out of the way? Surely it’s Swansea if you have a pick left (I don’t)? The Foxes seem at war with themselves and have a manager who can’t seemingly do no right; his multiple formation changes adding to their dire form rather than offer a route out of it. With a mullering by Sevilla round the corner I don’t think The Swans will have a better chance of picking up three points this year. Ranieri is being offered unwavering support by the Leicester board. A support I expect to totally waver in the next 2-3 weeks.

Elsewhere, surely Everton’s recent uptick in form should carry them past ‘couldn’t score in a crack den’s’ Middlesborough. And what about rejuvenated West Ham? They’re in good nick while they wait for Andy Carroll’s next injury.

I’m certainly in that pickle this weekend, and it may be antoher to use up one of my remaining big 6 picks. Both Manchester clubs have winnable looking games and I have a pick each left. Think I’ll go blue.

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