Picker’s Diary – GameWeek #34

I return to Picker’s Diary on an unbeaten run that would make Mauricio Pocchetino proud, but with a run-in that might be more Swansea City than Manchester City.

Last weekend I used up one of my remaining ‘big team’ picks by selecting Spurs. This leaves me with Liverpool remaining of the big boys but a worrying number of mid table teams left. The sorts of teams that already have their towels on the sun lounger. Seriously, right now do you want to be trying to pick the likes of West Brom, Southampton and a newly freed from Champions League motivation, Leicester City? Me either.

So to this week. Saturday’s games only offer me one real choice: Bournemouth – better at home than the are away – face (why did they even bother getting promoted?) Middlesborough. Last week Middlesborough did a goal, but that was against Arsenal so it doesn’t even count.

If I had the picks available I’d be taking Hull to overcome officially the World’s Most Uninspiring Team, Watford.

Moving to Sunday and the few fixtures available are about as appetising as a Fillet-O-Fish. Liverpool (yay) are at home to Palace (boo). So basically the reds are playing a team that will absolutely know how to poop their party, and that will great pleasure in doing that pooping.

Meanwhile, sudden tactical genius Jose Mourinho (he’s great cuz he outwitted Antonio Conte, but hey let’s forget all those uninspiring draws he no doubt masterminded as well) takes his Manyu team to spend a possibly boring 90mins being entertained by Burnley. The more I write this, the more I realise my only choice is Bournemouth.

We then head into a midweek round where those of us with a game in hand see if those picks made many weeks ago still make sense. For me it almost certainly doesn’t: I picked a Boro side (then managed by goal-stinge Aitor Karanka) to beat the corpse of AFC Sunderland. Now, I went to The Stadium of Light last week and saw first hand that the corpse had a pulse. That pulse had a name, and it was Wahbi Kazhri. Now if David Moyes can just pick his best players and stay in his dugout this could be Sunderland’s night. But he probably won’t. Being the arrogant, thin skinned man that he appears to be. Meow. Good luck to you this weekend. But not too much luck.

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