Game Week 36 Preview


Saturday 29th April was a sad day for football. It saw a set of Premier League fixtures so dull, that as a result only 5 people tuned into Match of the Day on Saturday night. 3 of those people were actually sat in the studio.

Indeed, the five fixtures that included zero home wins, two draws and a total of only four goals wreaked havoc on TFGers everywhere, most notably the top 3 in the TFG Q-Sphere League of Philip Drew, Paul Wikramaratna and Jamie Camble. Drew and Wikramaratna picked Southampton (along with a mammoth 42 others) whilst Camble plumped for Crystal Palace to beat Burnley at home. What day a for Sean Dyche’s team to record their first away win of the season.

This means that as we enter the final three games of the season, Drew’s lead at the top of the league is now 2 points from Camble, with Wikramaratna a further 3 points behind (along with Jeff Coleman’s St. Judes). The race for the coveted TFG league title therefore remains well and truely on.

3 points were hard to come by across the board last weekend, with Southampton and Crystal Palace being the most common picks. Liverpool, Leicester and Bournemouth gained a combined total of no picks, with Spurs and Chelsea receiving a solitary pick each.

This brings us neatly onto the TFG ‘Pick of the Week’ award for #GW35 – which goes to Ruth Melton. Ruth played a blinder by correctly predicting that Burnley would finally win away at Selhurst Park. Take a bow!

Switching attention to the Game Week #36 fixtures, let’s have a look at look at the potential pick options… if you have any pick options left that is. But in any case, hopefully this weekend’s games will be more entertaining.

West Ham v Spurs – the return of the Friday night game. Does anyone have Spurs left to pick? Pochettino’s men will hope to put pressure on Chelsea by picking up 3 points at the London Stadium. Plus, West Ham aren’t exactly in great form and have little to play for. The real question for the Hammers is – where is Andy Carroll?

Man City v Crystal Palace – both team’s had a pretty terrible Game Week #35, but Pep Guardiola’s side are better than Palace. Ipso Facto.

Hull v Sunderland – David Moye’s men are already relegated. The Tigers are still fighting for survival. Surely a home win.

Liverpool v Southampton – Klopp’s side will look to further cement their top 4 credentials by following up Monday’s nights victory over Watford with a win against a Southampton side that are in the mid table comfort zone.

Chelsea v Middlesbrough – will Boro take a step towards Premier League survival at Stamford Bridge? No. Chelsea will win.

Arsenal v Man United – a must win for Wenger and Mourinho. Too tough to call.

We make no effort to halt our shameless self promotion by asking you not only to add your email address to the box on our homepage if you’re interested in playing next year, but to also direct friends, enemies, relatives young and old, the lads down the pub and strangers you meet on the bus to do the same too!

Remember you need to submit your selection by the time the first fixture of each Game Week kicks off. This week that’s when the West Ham vs. Spurs game kicks off at 20:00 on Friday night.

When you’re ready to make your pick, you can do so by clicking HERE.

That’s our pondering done, whoever you pick, good luck!

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG


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