Game Week 38 Preview


Wins for Bournemouth (Drew & Camble), Crystal Palace (Wikramaratna) and Arsenal (Coleman) meant the top four all picked up 3 precious points in #GW37 and go into the final week of the season, rather wonderfully, still in with a chance of claiming the much coveted TFG title:

1. Philip Drew 92 points, +61 goal difference.
2. Jamie Camble 90 points +40
3. Paul Wikramaratna 89 points +58
4. Jeff Coleman 89 points +52

Apologies for the lack of TFG ‘Pick of the Week’ action in recent weeks. The award for #GW36 is going to be split three ways, mainly as we didn’t think anyone would be foolish enough to bet against Marco Silva and his unbelievable home record; well done to Ruth Melton, John Middleton and Christine Bowman who all went for Sunderland to win away at Hull.

#GW37 must start with an honourable mention of the 15 people who assumed that Sunderland’s win meant they would win again, obviously they didn’t. The award goes to Jeff Coleman who was the only person to pick Arsenal to win away at Stoke. Well done Jeff, great reward for a good season.

So after all this, we arrive at the last Game Week of the season. We hope you have enjoyed playing and will be signing up again to play next season. If you remembered to pick every week you should have only three possible teams to pick, but if you do have Liverpool or Chelsea they’d be a good bet for the win. If you’re after a pick of the week at this stage, then Palace away at Man Utd or even West Ham to win at Burnley might be good enough. Although given the picks you have left it could be just pot luck, unless you’ve planned your picks out of course!

Remember you need to submit your selection by the time the first fixture of each Game Week kicks off. This week that’s when all ten fixtures kick off simultaneously at 15:00 on Sunday afternoon.

When you’re ready to make your pick, you can do so by clicking HERE.

That’s our pondering done, whoever you pick, good luck!

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG


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