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is a British based, free to play, online football prediction game, owned and operated by Clum Clum Claudia Ltd.

Founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2015. The brainchild of Middi, Mac, Wrooty, Steak and Hodge. Five football mad friends who first met at the North Halifax Grammar School in 1994.

Our vision

To become part of the nation’s weekly football debate, whilst facilitating a platform for amateur football writers to publish their work. In doing so, we like to think TFG makes an original contribution to the supporter community.

As a socially responsible organisation, you won’t be surprised to discover that TFG adopts a zero tolerance approach to discriminatory behaviour of any kind. (both on and off the site)

To find out a little bit more about each TFG team member, simply click on their pictures below:

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