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Game Week #29 Preview

Nothing like a mid week set of games to leave the TameIT TFG League still as congested at the top… Although at least our top three spread their picks around the Premier League this week. Martyn Fisher stays top after seeing Leicester beat Brighton. Philip Taylor in second also won with Newcastle beating Burnley and […]

Champ Man Legend #No 9 USA

Back in the early part of the 21st Century, a time when I sincerely thought Bruce Arena was the name of a stadium rather than the manager of the USA national team, I’d just finished sixth form and was getting ready for life at University when Champ Man 01/02 was released/completely took over my life. […]

Game Week Preview #2

So 38 of you decided to pick safe and went with Chelsea who would clearly beat Burnley. Even more (46) thought Crystal Palace would beat Huddersfield. I mean what were you thinking with your sensible picking! Anyway enough of you bad pickers, the only choice for Pick Of The Week this week is Jon Regnart […]

Picker’s Diary – GameWeek...

I support a team that’s still in the hunt to get into the Premier League, but to be honest, I’m wondering if it’s worth it: the last few Premier League weeks seem to have turned into an insufferable drudge. But hey, last week I picked Leicester City to beat ‘drudge in human form’, Watford. So, […]

Picker’s Diary – Game Wee...

Oh Hull, I love you and I hate you. In fact, I don’t love you, it’s just I have a full on man crush on Marco Silva. It wasn’t Marco Silva that stopped me grabbing three points last week. Eldin Jakupovic’s penalty save brought to an end a long winning run that had got me […]

Picker’s Diary – GameWeek...

I return to Picker’s Diary on an unbeaten run that would make Mauricio Pocchetino proud, but with a run-in that might be more Swansea City than Manchester City. Last weekend I used up one of my remaining ‘big team’ picks by selecting Spurs. This leaves me with Liverpool remaining of the big boys but a […]