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As Public Enemy once said, ‘don’t believe the hype’… and as Fleetwood Mac once agreed, ‘rumours should be the name of the album’. That’s right football fans (and music fans hopefully – or that initial sentence was pointless), the rumours are true – the wait is over. TFG is back for another season. Also, the hype should actually […]

Game Week #36 Preview

Competition Overload Well well well well well well well well well. Well. In a week that contained Champions League semi finals after a weekend that contained FA Cup semi finals, can anyone even remember the actual number of Premier League games played at the weekend? We can. It was 6. Can anyone remember the results of […]

GameWeek #28

Game Week #28 Preview All Change Can you remember a time before FA Cup 5th Round ties and Champions League Round of 16 games? Firstly, yes we can here at TFG HQ. Secondly, who calls anything a Round of 16? Anyway, if you can also cast your mind back as far as 10 days ago, you’ll […]

GameWeek #25 Preview

There’s nothing quite like a mid-week round of Premier League fixtures to get the juices flowing at TFG towers, as the realisation dawns late on a Monday night that an email needs to go out. So, with apologies for our (all too characteristic) tardiness, here’s a summary of what happened in GameWeek #24 and what lies […]

Gameweek #24 Preview

VARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! In a week dominated by VAR waffle and extra time diving in the FA Cup, it’s great to get back to the real business of the Premier League this weekend… and more importantly back to TFG. In amazing #scenes, we have a new leader at the top of the TFG league table, with Peter Harris’ ‘Harris Saint-Germain’ team […]

Game Week #20 Preview

GAMES COME THICKE AND FAST OVER FESTIVE PERIOD The festive football period commenced in earnest on Friday night as Arsenal and Liverpool played out an entertaining 3 – 3 draw at The Emirates. The games now continue to come thick and fast, as the Boxing Day games kick off 9 days of Premier League football out of a possible 10. […]