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I’m sure you all have your own Championship Manager heroes, and some younger readers may even refer to them as Football Manager heroes, because you know, they are similar games. Below you’ll find a selection of ours.

If you have a player that you’d like to see covered, rather than our quality selection, then do get in touch with us to let us know who; the chances are we’re on first name terms with them.


Champ Man Legend #10 Dionisis Chiotis

Champ Man Legends #10 Dionisis Chiotis I know what you’re thinking, how can this guy be a champ man legend? You sit down every morning to eat your favourite chocolate based cereal, and read a new “57 best championship manager players that never made it as a professional” article, and he’s never been mentioned. Well […]

Champ Man Legend #No 9 USA

Back in the early part of the 21st Century, a time when I sincerely thought Bruce Arena was the name of a stadium rather than the manager of the USA national team, I’d just finished sixth form and was getting ready for life at University when Champ Man 01/02 was released/completely took over my life. […]

Champ Man Legend #No 8 Tonton Zola Mo...

So you’re playing Champ Man 01-02 (or CM4 if you were into that kind of thing). You’re clearly using the aforementioned 3-5-2 attacking formation (the one which gave birth to the now OED recognised term: “Champ Man arrows”). You’ve built a solid squad based around cheap Scandinavian U21s and Champ Man legend #1 Mike Duff . […]

Champ Man Legend #No 7 Kevin Hofland

Champ Man Legend #No 7 Kevin Hofland I was slightly reluctant to include Kevin Hofland in this list of CM legends. He was a big money signing on CM 01/02 and did have a relatively successful career. Not usually the ingredients that ensure legendary status, but with Mike Duff and Taribo West already in the […]

Champ Man Legends #6 Mark Kerr

Was there anyone who didn’t buy Mark Kerr from Falkirk on Championship Manager on the 01/02 version of the game? Perhaps if you’d picked a small club, or one on a tight budget he might have been unobtainable (there was always some competition for his signature), or maybe you just preferred the Scandinavian leagues value […]

Champ Man Legends #5 Ibrahima Bakayok...

Ibrahima Bakayoko is most likely remembered as the first great wonderkid of the CM franchise, bursting on to the scene on the 97/98 version. And from what came after, it seems being this CM wonderkid was the highpoint of his life, or at least that’s how it felt after his spell with Everton. He was […]