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Growing up watching a club that has fielded the likes of Peter Crouch, Emile Heskey and Moustapha Salifou means ‘The Beautiful Game’ is something I am quite accustom to  – to the point where I feel my experience and knowledge is something I now must disclose to the masses.

I first realised that football existed outside of Aston at about 7-years-old, and my love for European (particularly Spanish) football blossomed as a result. So, naturally, I’ve lived the majority of my 17 years on this planet avidly supporting Aston Villa and following Real Madrid from afar. Two very different experiences, I can tell you.

If I’m not watching football, I’m writing about it – so if you fancy reading my perpetual moans about Villa, or indeed life in general, please check out my page for fan’s blog Venture Down The Left, or follow me on Twitter via @dxnwisemxn.

GameWeek #9 Preview

Murray, Mourinho and Mahrez… The Good, The Bad & The Ugly  Panic not TFG’ers, we are just a matter of days away from being able to release ourselves from the rusty shackles that are the international break, and galloping at full speed into the glorious green fields of Premier League football once again. Game week […]

GameWeek #8 Preview

Forever Bursting Bubbles Welcome back TFG’ers, and unless your name is José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix, I’m sure you’ll be just as excited for another weekend of Premier League football as I am (and yes, that is the second time I’ve used that introduction this season, but the Man United jokes are far from […]

GameWeek #6 Preview

Cherries Picking! Welcome, TFG’ers, to another preview of what is sure to be an exhilarating weekend of Premier League football. Game week #5 was certainly one to be remembered for fans of clubs like Bournemouth, Liverpool and Chelsea, but probably less so for supporters of Burnley, Cardiff and Everton. West Ham are finally off the […]

GameWeek #5 Preview

¡Gracias, Gracia!  Welcome back, TFGers! After a somewhat dreary end to England’s first international break of the season, you will all be happy to hear that we return to a mouth-watering set of Premier League fixtures this weekend. As always though, before we look ahead to Saturday and Sunday’s events, it is time to award […]

GameWeek #4 Preview

Spurred On Welcome TFG’ers, to the preview of September 2018’s first Premier League match week. The opening month of August is now a thing of the past, but it’s final MNF swan song certainly captured the essence of what has been a frantic start to the thrilling new campaign. Tottenham’s spectacular win at Old Trafford was undoubtably […]

GameWeek #3 Preview

3rd Time Lucky Well, TFG’ers, it’s that time again. GameWeek #2 has been and gone, blessing our weekend with an incredible round of intoxicating Premier League football in the process. It was full of all the usual antics – and unless your name is Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix, I’m sure you’ll be just […]