Champ Man Legend #10 Dionisis Chiotis

Champ Man Legends #10 Dionisis Chiotis

I know what you’re thinking, how can this guy be a champ man legend?

You sit down every morning to eat your favourite chocolate based cereal, and read a new “57 best championship manager players that never made it as a professional” article, and he’s never been mentioned. Well frankly the answer is they’re probably right and legend is pushing it, but no sorry back to the narrative, we’re right and they’re wrong, and just look how handsome he is. There is also the small matter of his five Cypriot First Division Titles….

His Champ Man Legacy

Anyway back to the start, Chiotis was a Greek goalkeeper at AEK Athens on Champ Man 01/02 who you could pick up on the cheap, anything around a million, at the start of the game. Sometimes annoyingly your board wouldn’t sanction enough money to pay for him until you scouted him, and that took a month, then you’d miss the deadline to register him in Europe and get knocked out by Admira Wacker in the first round of the Uefa Cup because of it. Most of the time though it was smooth sailing, cheap goalie in, then sell your others for a decent profit.

I can’t remember how I first came across him, because his immediate goalkeeper stats don’t seem that great, handling and reflexes much lower, but if you compared him to another player (barring maybe Sebastian Frey) he’d come out on top. Always a consistent performer, without ever being a regular over 8 average star player like the attacking midfielder/forward centre’s of the game, he was as solid as they came.

In Real Life

As well as being at AEK, where he actually won the Greek cup in 01/02 after starting the final for them in a wonderful 2-1 against Olympiakos. His main trophy success came after moving to APOEL in Cyprus, winning five titles, two cups and four super cups. He played in the Champions League for Apoel in their run to the quarter finals in the 11/12 season, saving penalties from Lacazette (at 1.32 on here) and Bastos in their last 16 tie against Lyon. Someone even though his performance against Atletico Madrid where Apoel drew 0-0 was so great they made this montage of him . He also won a solitary gap for Greece came in a 0-0 draw against the Republic of Ireland in November 2002.

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