Game Week #27 Preview


Game Week #26 saw Watford pile pressure on Antonio Conte, Burnley battle back to claim a point against Champions elect Man City, a new look Arsenal spanking a sorry looking Everton and the West Brom curse strike once again. Meanwhile, in The TFG league, Jeff Coleman dropped a couple of points as Newcastle held Palace, meaning Peter Harris’ Harris Saint-Germain and Alex Ormerod’s Shearer Class outfits could nip back into the lead courtesy of wins for Man United and Bournemouth respectively. There are now just 5 points separating the top 11 teams as the final straight rears into view on the horizon.

It’s at this point where I was expecting to tell you that Roland Marshman had won another ‘Pick of the Week’ award, but alas he didn’t go with Watford, instead bravely (stupidly) opting for free-falling Huddersfield. This week’s prize goes to Mrs Chris Middleton (of aforementioned Huddersfield) for whom there was no West Brom curse, seeing her Southampton pick return the spoils in the shape of 3 valuable points. Congratulations Chris.

Looking ahead to Game Week #27, and it’s another tricky set of fixtures to get you’re pondering tackle around. There’s the obvious choices of Man City (zzzzz…) or Man United ( double zzzzz…) who host Leicester (sans Riyad Mahrez) and visit Newcastle respectively. Then there’s the less obvious: Swansea (unbeaten in 8 in all competitions) or Bournemouth (unbeaten in 7 in the League). Then there’s the really less obvious: Stoke hosting Brighton (always weary on their long trips up North) and Southampton who entertain the inconsistent Liverpool. And then for Roland, and those who laugh in the face of curses and superstition there’s West Brom away at Chelsea; you heard it here first!

Game Week #27 kicks off tomorrow lunchtime when Tottenham and Arsenal lock horns in the North London derby at Wembley, kick off and the Game Week cut off time for this week is 12:30 GMT. When you’re ready to make your pick, head HERE to submit your selection.

Whoever you pick, good luck.

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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