Game Week #29 Preview

Nothing like a mid week set of games to leave the TameIT TFG League still as congested at the top… Although at least our top three spread their picks around the Premier League this week. Martyn Fisher stays top after seeing Leicester beat Brighton. Philip Taylor in second also won with Newcastle beating Burnley and Alan Reynolds won as Southampton beat Fulham.

With those three teams winning there were lots of winners, there was some strong pick of the week hunting going on though, or losing as its also known. Five of you thought Burnley were going to win at Newcastle, and whilst only Chris Watson had Tottenham to win at Chelsea, Craig Ritchie gets the pick of the week hunting medal though as the only person to pick Cardiff to beat Everton.

We should though commend those five brave pickers who went for Huddersfield to beat Wolves, 42% of Huddersfields points this season have come against Wolves, but as this was only their third win, even though there was five of you, you still deserve a pick of the week mention, as they may not win again. Congrats, Dan Bolderston, Russell Davies, Guy Rowson, Marc Reid and Peter Harris.

Spurs host Arsenal, Fulham host Chelsea and Liverpool travel to Everton in a weekend surely manipulated by the fixture setting computer to ensure the marketing for the weekends football is easier this weekend. You’d be wise to avoid those if you want a win this week, although a Fulham win would likely earn a coveted pick of the week.

Elsewhere pick of the week hunters might fancy Southampton to win at Man Utd, who surely cant continue their current form. Or even Huddersfield to record back to back wins with a win away at Brighton. Elsewhere its difficult picking all round with an some tough games to call.

The GameWeek kicks off at 12:30 on Saturday as the first of the weekends derbys sees Spurs host Arsenal, so make your pick now to avoid disappointment.

As always, whoever you pick, all at TFG HQ wish you the very best of luck.
Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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