Game Week 31 Review

Game Week 31 Review


Rich Le Cras was 1 of 40 nervous TFGers, including 2nd placed Chris ‘Steveo’ Greenwood who will have been anxiously waiting for Saturday’s late game to finish before they could relax as Swansea could only scrape past lowly Aston Villa thanks to a goalkeeping error in a match in which they only registered 1 shot on target. The Swans will have been disappointed to have only scored the one goal against bottom placed Villa but the main thing is that they, Le Cras and 39 others came away with a crucial 3 points.

The biggest losers of the Game Week were the 30 TFGers that went with West Brom to beat Norwich at The Hawthorns. Robbie Brady’s strike meant several high profile TFGers including former front runner Les Berry as well as Chris Whitehill, Martyn Fisher and Sam Gilling all dropped places.

On the other hand, Norwich’s victory also meant that after several near misses over recent months everyone at TFG is delighted to be able to share the good news that Mr Roland Marshman has been successful in his bid to win a TFG ‘Pick of the Week’ award. He shares the prize for GW31 with Chris Jowett – congratulations lads!

To find out where you currently sit in the league, just click HERE.

The big footballing headline of the week was clearly yesterday’s sad news regarding the death of Johan Cruyff. There’s nothing TFG can say about the man that hasn’t already been said – he truly was a legend whose influence cannot be measured. Our thoughts are with his family but also with Jan Olsson, the Swedish right back Cruyff skinned during that 1974 World Cup game who must relive being skinned every time there is any mention of Cruyff’s brilliance on TV.

We’ll be in touch next week to preview GameWeek 32, which doesn’t start until 12:45 on Saturday April 2nd. In the meantime, put your feet up and enjoy the international friendlies.

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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