Game Week 34 Preview

Drew Election Campaign Enters Final Months.

Drew clings on at the top of the Q-Sphere TFG League but the chasing pack begin to circle. With only five games left to go, its still all to play for.

Philip Drew, with sixteen others, picked up a win with Watfords 1-0 win over Swansea so kept his three point lead over Andy Reynolds, who also won with his Stoke pick. The highest placed player to drop points was Jeff Coleman who drops to sixth after picking Crystal Palace who drew with Leicester.

Anyway, enough focus on the people actually good at this game. Our pick of the week winner is Paul Herod, who boldly decided Liverpool would beat West Brom. Who knew they would defend more than one set piece. Double points for picking West Brom to actually lose a game.

Looking to GW34, the week is disrupted by the two FA Cup semi finals. So to be clear, this game week is set up over;
Bournemouth v Middlesbrough
Hull v Watford
Swansea v Stoke
West Ham v Everton

Burnley v Man Utd
Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Tuesday 25th April
Chelsea v Southampton

Tuesday 16th May
Arsenal v Sunderland
Man City v West Brom

Thursday 18th May
Leicester v Tottenham

Obviously you can pick any team, just apparently its ok for them to reschedule games without taking into account the need for ten games to finished over two days.

Hull and Swansea both fighting for their lives will surely be favourites to win their respective home games. Bournemouth and Liverpool also a good bet to win their home games if you’ve got those picks left.

Of the games moved into next month, Arsenal and Man City will surely beat Sunderland and West Brom respectively. Although Sunderland do usually only win games in April and May.

If you want the pick of the week crown then you’re going to need to pick Southampton to win at Chelsea.

In a shameless plug to force you to register for next season’s TFG campaign. You should add your email address to the box on our homepage and spread the TFG gospel far and wide by getting friends, family, work colleagues and casual acquaintances to do the same.

Remember you need to submit your selection by the time the first fixture of each GameWeek kicks off. This week that’s 3pm on Saturday lunchtime!!

When you’re ready to make your pick, you can do so by clicking HERE.

That’s our pondering done, whoever you pick, good luck!

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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