Game Week 35 Preview

A huge 6 point haul over the last 7 days for second placed Jamie Camble means that long time leader Philip Drew is now just a solitary point in front of Camble as the finish line looms large in the Q-Sphere TFG Grand National, er… I mean League.

Both Drew and Camble had Bournemouth to win last weekend which they promptly did, but it was Camble’s Middlesbrough pick from #GW28 that finally bore fruit as The Smoggies sneaked past North East relegation rivals Sunderland 1-0 at The Riverside on Wednesday night. Paul Wikramaranta is third on goal difference from Jeff Coleman and Jamie Hubbard.

Indeed Bournemouth were the most common pick last weekend, with 34 of your rightly predicting they would ease past ‘Boro at the Vitality Stadium. Other popular picks included Arsenal (15) and Hull City (13).

It shows how far we, and Roland Marshman have come when it’s with a genuine sense of shock that we discover that he didn’t pick Crystal Palace who delivered the result of the week with as shock 2-1 win at Anfield courtesy of Reds reject Christian Benteke. Therefore there is no TFG ‘Pick of the Week’ award for #GW34 but if you fancy your chances of claiming the crown for #GW35 then perhaps a win for Hull, ‘Boro, Swansea or Burnley might do it for you?

Paradoxically, you might be best informed to pick Southampton, Man City, Man Utd or Palace if you’re lucky enough to have anything other than relegation fodder remaining in your pick pot. Arsenal travel to neighbours Spurs in a fixture you should probably avoid at all costs whilst Everton vs. Chelsea and West Brom vs. Leicester both too look like potential banana skins.

We make no effort to halt our shameless self promotion by asking you not only to add your email address to the box on our homepage if you’re interested in playing next year, but to also direct friends, enemies, relatives young and old, the lads down the pub and strangers you meet on the bus to do the same too!

Remember you need to submit your selection by the time the first fixture of each Game Week kicks off. This week that’s when 5 games kick off simultaneously at 15:00 on Saturday afternoon.

When you’re ready to make your pick, you can do so by clicking HERE.

That’s our pondering done, whoever you pick, good luck!

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG


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