Game Week 35 Preview

Game Week 35 


Chris ‘Steveo’ Greenwood rose above former front-runner Rich Le Cras to the top of the TFG League thanks to a 6 point haul, a result of Newcastle’s win over Swansea and Man Utd’s comfortable victory over Crystal Palace at Old Trafford on Wednesday evening.

Le Cras slips to second place despite another win in GW34 (Man Utd) and will be hoping to reclaim top spot over the final four Game Weeks of the season. Alex Smith (Liverpool) stays in third whilst Sam Gilling jumps to 5th with another 6 point haul.

Things are certainly hotting up as we head into the final weeks of the season.

To find out where you currently sit in the league, just click HERE.

Looking forward to Game Week 35, Spurs may be the closest thing to that elusive home ‘banker’. They entertain a misfiring West Brom side at The Lane and will be looking to keep up the pressure on Leicester, who in turn might attract a few picks with a home game against Swansea.

Liverpool too will be confident of picking up all 3 points at home to Newcastle. However, Benitez has got Newcastle believing that they can still survive and whilst the commentators relive the glory days of 4-3 wins 20 years ago, Newcastle will be hoping to sneak a scruffy 1-0 smash and grab.

Southampton will be confident of claiming the spoils at Aston Villa, likewise Man City at home to Stoke, but that’s where the so called ‘easy’ picks end. Bournemouth vs. Chelsea, West Ham, vs. Man Utd and Norwich vs. Watford all look like difficult results to predict. You have been warned.

With all sorts of matches being rescheduled to accommodate FA Cup games, it might be worth visiting our Ponder page to see exactly which fixtures you can choose from this GW.

And on that note, we hold our hands up and admit that we made an oversight regarding the Crystal Palace vs. Everton match on Wednesday 13th April. Originally, that fixture was always listed as taking place within GW35, but the clubs and the Premier League agreed to bring the match forward to avoid a clash with Everton’s FA Cup Semi-final on Saturday. We apologise unreservedly for not being quicker to spot the issue, but if you are one of the 21 TFGers with Everton, or one of the 22 with Crystal Palace still in your pick pot, then you are perfectly entitled to pick them for GW35. As the match ended in a 0-0 draw, you will be awarded 1 point accordingly.

Remember, each Game Week begins when the first match of the Game Week kicks off. This week, that’s the Man City vs. Stoke CIty game which kicks off at 12:45 on Saturday lunchtime.

When you’re ready to make your pick, you can do so by clicking HERE.

There’s nothing left to do now but pray.

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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