Game Week 38 Preview

Game Week 38


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Now, back to the football…

Chris ‘Steveo’ Greenwood was crowned inaugural TFG champion on Sunday afternoon, as goals from Joe Allen and Roberto Firminho sealed a 2-0 victory for Liverpool against Watford at Anfield. Those 3 points saw Greenwood move into an unassailable position in the TFG League with only one Game Week remaining.

So, we must to say MASSIVE congratulations to ‘Steveo’! A sterling effort – you’ve made the game look incredibly easy when we know (from personal experience) that it’s far from simple. Just ask Steve Middleton, John Smith and Tom Kiddier who are fighting it out at the bottom of the league for the wooden spoon.

We’re planning on releasing a stats orientated season review over the next couple of weeks, but briefly looking specifically at Steveo’s results – there a few stand out headlines:

  • Of 4 losses, 2 were Man United (GW17) and Arsenal (GW28).
  • Since GW17, he’s only dropped points on two occasions (including an inevitable West Brom draw).
  • Currently on a 9 game winning streak.

We look forward to seeing you wearing your prize shortly Steveo and seeing how you fare next year, in a bigger and potentially stronger field.

Second placed Rich Le Cras was among the 8 TFGers who came unstuck as West Ham got surprisingly turned over at home to Swansea, in the penultimate game at Upton Park. Wins for Sam Gilling (Crystal Palace) and Lana Tippins (Man Utd) mean that the fight for second place will go down to the final Game Week of the season.

The now infamous battle of the badges stretches as far as 9th place – Matthew Pinnell, Ben Lauezzari and Martyn Fisher will be hoping those placed above them are down to the bare bones in their respective pick pots.

To find out where you currently sit in the league, just click HERE.

Looking forward to Game Week 38, things become complicated by the apparent lack of motivation for certain teams to win. Following Sunderland’s win on Wednesday night  – the relegation battle is over for now and several players will be thinking of either the beach or the impending European Championships/Copa America. Additionally, these end of season ‘nothing to play for’ games take on a strange carnival-esque air. New kits are paraded. Retiring or departing players are given a game when normally they might be sat on the bench. Young prospects are given their chance to shine, safe in the knowledge that very little depends on the result of the match.

All this makes for some unpredictable results, so tread carefully TFGers.

Arsenal at home to Aston Villa seem certain for three points, but remember way back in August when 30+ TFGers went with The Gunners to beat West Ham in Game Week 1 only for Payet and co. to outclass their London neighbours.

Other than Arsenal, perhaps Everton – who host relegated Norwich at Goodison, or Man Utd at home to Bournemouth (and still hoping to finish 4th) are the best chances of the home ‘banker’. In addition, Southampton will hope to continue their fine form by beating Crystal Palace at Saint Mary’s.

To check out all of GW38’s fixtures, visit our Ponder page.

Remember, each Game Week begins when the first match of the Game Week kicks off. This week, that’s when all 10 games kick off at 15:00 on Sunday afternoon.

When you’re ready to make your pick, you can do so by clicking HERE.

There’s nothing left to do now but pray.

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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