Game Week Preview #2

So 38 of you decided to pick safe and went with Chelsea who would clearly beat Burnley. Even more (46) thought Crystal Palace would beat Huddersfield. I mean what were you thinking with your sensible picking! Anyway enough of you bad pickers, the only choice for Pick Of The Week this week is Jon Regnart who was the only person who thought Huddersfield would beat Palace.

So looking at Game Week two.

Liverpool host Crystal Palace, even though Liverpool love to underperform against mid table teams, after Palaces terrible first game this is surely must win for Liverpool. Elsewhere looking for an easy win is more difficult.

Bournemouth host Watford both looking for their first wins, Marco Silvas Hull team last season did not do well away from home so might be a good week to use a Bournemouth pick. Leicester looked good in defeat to Arsenal and host a Brighton team who showed little against and admittedly very good Man City team.

If you’re after that Pick Of The Week crown then you’ll need to go big, maybe Swansea to beat Man Utd, or Everton to win at Man City maybe?

Anyway what’d we know, we picked Chelsea to win last week, you may as well have picked your team by assigning teams to random soft toys and getting a small child to pick them out of a box. Thats probably going to be more succesful than following our advice.If you want to watch this in action then go here

Anyway once you’ve decided you can pick here;


Whoever you pick, good luck.

Yours footballingly,

Team TFG

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