TFG Hall of Fame

The following people are official, bona fide, TFG legends. The fact that their names and pictures appear here is testament to their mythical TFG status. To submit someone to be considered for induction to the TFG Hall of Fame please use the Contact Us page.

Father Francis J. Finn, American Jesuit priest and author of such children’s favourites as Sunshine and Freckles, Lucky Bob as well as That Football Game. He is the inspiration behind TFG’s name; God bless you Father Francis.

Lennart Johansson, was the fifth and, to date, the longest serving president of UEFA, from his election at UEFA’s Malta Congress in 1990 until 2007. Not only is the Lennart Johanssons Pokal (the trophy awarded to the Swedish football champions each year since 2001) named after him, he once uttered the now infamous words in the lead up to Euro 96: “I think the problem you will have is not to fill the stadia as is to clum clum claudia”.  He’s the inspiration behind our company name and now a TFG Hall of Famer to boot.

Phil Neville, Manchester United, Everton, England and absolute TFG legend, now offering world class punditry to the highest bidder on a weekly basis. Phil loved the number 12 as much as giving away penalties in big games and apparently still can’t make a cup of coffee to save his life. A constant factor in our footballing lives – we fully expect him to become England manager in the future as per our prediction from 1998. A no-brainer for the TFG Hall of Fame… Massive love to Phil.

Chris ‘Steveo’ Greenwood, Paramedic, father, squash lover and all round jolly good bloke. He can also boast one of the best nicknames in the world: ‘Steve’. This witticism was bestowed on him by his schoolmates, due to the fact “he looks like he should be called Steve”. No other reason. This eventually morphed into ‘Steveo’ following the Jackass epidemic of the early 21st Century. Steveo now boasts the most precious of accolades – he is, and always will be, the inaugural TFG champion. Showing an unerring ability get 3 points – he managed to win with 82% of his picks to blow his fellow TFGers out of the water with a record of P38 W31 D3 L4 amassing 96 points in total. In fact, the worst decision he made all season was to go for an England Euro 2016 shirt as his prize. Nevertheless, welcome to the TFG Hall of Fame Steveo! Take a bow son.

Steve Crosthwaite,  dog walker, reptile handler, extreme unicyclist. Man of many talents but sadly hitting the top spot was not one of them, coming an extremely close 2nd place, just one point behind the 2017/2018 TFG Champ (Alex Ormerod), despite being ahead on goal difference.

1Shearer class 
(Alex Ormerod)
(Steve Crosthwaite)

But for his generosity, recommendations, feedback and all round dedication to TFG he certainly deserves his place here on the TFG Hall Of Fame. Great Job Steve! Better luck next season…

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