Picker’s Diary – Gameweek #22

Ok, so let’s do this dance one more time: who are Sunderland and Hull playing? I’ve now dropped Burnley from this former trio of doom as (a) they’ve shown themselves capable of getting results – at home at least – and, I’ve now picked them twice, with last week’s victory over Southampton meaning they’re now dead to me. They will surely lose to Arsenal this weekend. I hope so: I’m going to the Emirates and want to see a home win more than I want to experience the sound of 60,000 people grumbling for two hours.

For Hull,  despite their victory over Bournemouth, a routine 3-0 loss appears on the cards against Chelsea, possibly after holding out for the first half hour. Now, I know I don’t have to predict anything more than a winner but last time out I did predict that Sunderland would get something out of their game against Liverpool (and that Defoe would bag a penalty). So, if you’ve a spare Chelsea pick, why not?

Talking about the mangey, flea ridden Black Cats, they face a trip to West Brom whose surge in form has no doubt left many with no Baggies picks left. By all accounts Sunderland’s loss to Stoke was well deserved as they put in a true Moyesian performance bereft of anything approaching quality apart from Jermaine Defoe (who must be thoroughly depressed by now). I do have a West Brom pick, but still think I’ll avoid as I’m unsure how they’ll respond to their Spurs shellacking.

Beyond Arsenal and Chelsea, where to look for a banker that gets rid of one of those pesky picks? Liverpool look like that banker on paper but there’s a degree of knackeredness to Liverpool that’s concerning. But on the other hand, the league’s most potent attack versus its most potently bad defence? For me though, it could be Bournemouth, against a Watford team that are to winning what Donald Trump is to reasoned debate and successful casinos.

The remaining fixtures are a bit of a bucket of meh for me. West Ham v Boro, Palace v Everton, Man City v Spurs and Saints v Foxes have a bit of a ‘pick ’em’ feel with mixtures of form and the ability to suddenly produce poor performances. Amazingly I still have two Leicester and two Everton picks left so I can’t ignore these buckets of meh for much longer. So I may just get myself back on track by treating myself to my last Chelsea pick. Good luck, but not too much.

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