Picker’s Diary – GameWeek #26

Last week Sunderland went on a team bonding trip to New York and when they returned the club announced a round of redundancies, seemingly in readiness for relegation. This has no bearing on the Picker’s Diary, I’m just stating it. At least Vito Mannone can think of Central Park when he’s scooping the ball out of the net during their upcoming 3-0 humping by Everton.

Actually it does have some relevance to Picker’s Diary: during the last round of fixtures I performed a last minute pivot and picked the Black Cats to beat Southampton after being set on picking Man City all week. Grrrrrr.

So to this week. The aforementioned Everton seem a good choice despite not breaking down Middlesborough’s innovative 10-0-0 formation last time out.

In a real rarity I’ve also got my eye on Hull. At home to a Burnley team that get travel sick exactly three meters outside the entrance to Turf Moor. Hull look like a proper team all of a sudden and though this could be one of those moments where a rare Hull win is expected but they fail, I’m still sticking my neck out for The Tigers.

Elsewhere Arsenal. Ok, moving on. Elsewhere West Brom should be a good pick against Bournemouth’s leaky rearguard even though there’s that ever present danger of The Baggies reverting to type and stinking the place out with 90 minutes of Pulis-Ball. I’ll pass.

Of course, I will be avoiding Palace v Middlesborough as frankly that score could be anything, but will absolutely finish 0-0. Moving on.

And what of Leicester v Liverpool? After their goal-getting lifeline in Seville and now rid of massive loser, was always useless, never wins anything Claudio Ranieri – the Leicester players will no doubt be cock-a-hoop and will feel real freedom to lose 2-1 to the almost always knackered Reds. Tell you what, they could really do with a holiday. Maybe New York?

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