Pickers Diary – GameWeek # 27

Sunny days! After a few tough picking weeks this one seems a little clearer, if that is, you have the right picks left. Thankfully, I think I do and this time I won’t be making a last minute pivot even though last week it worked out ok.

Two weeks ago I went from thinking I was going to pick Man City before a last minute change of heart led me into the arms of Sunderland who promptly got gubbed 4-0 by Southampton. All last week I was set on picking Hull to continue Burnley’s away day misery before a late bout of nerves pushed me to Everton and their routine victory over the sorry Black Cats.

This week it’s hard to not scan for Sunderland’s game first. I did, saw they were playing Man City and decided this was going to be the week of my last City pick. Yes, their defence is about as tight as Donald Trump’s grasp of facts, but come on: Aguero, Sane, De Bruyne and Sterling versus the Everton defence from 2011, plus frustrated ice cream salesman Vito Mannone?

I did look a bit further however and saw my options were fairly plentiful. My elephant in the room is the two Leicester picks I still have but picking them was too obvious. Yes they are free from the Ranieri shackles, and I suspect that Marco Silva’s luck with his ragbag squad will run out, but I think The Foxes probably have quite a rubbish manager and therefore they may get a rude awakening in this game.

Man United were another choice for me, being at home to free-falling’s Bournemouth. At the back of my mind, however, are the 17 games they’ve played in the last 2 weeks and that, like Pele in that erectile dysfunction advert, Zlatan is going to stiffen up one day and then what have you got? The hot/cold Marcus Rashford? Or the mummified remains of young hot-shot Wayne Rooney?

But hoy! There’s more! Burnley are on the road again, against a Swansea side that are finally doing what Bob Bradley wanted two months ago, but with better coaching than he could provide. Surely this is bingo if you have a Swans pick left?

And there’s more! Surely Watford could be worth a punt? Appearing to come out of their ‘reliably terrible’ phase they’re up against a Saints side that, if we know anything about the fragile nature of the modern footballer, will be either hurting so bad from last weekend’s Rumbellow’s Cup and/or be blaming Claude Puel for it all that they’ll be in no fit state to win. But then, it is Watford.

So all this I give you and I haven’t even given much space to Middlesborough’s 934th straight game attempting to score, even though nearly everyone scores four against Stoke. I’ll stop now. There’s so much choice it’s like the season has started again. Ah August, sunny days, pristine pitches, still thinking Ahmed Musa could be good…

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