Picker’s Diary – GameWeek #37

I support a team that’s still in the hunt to get into the Premier League, but to be honest, I’m wondering if it’s worth it: the last few Premier League weeks seem to have turned into an insufferable drudge. But hey, last week I picked Leicester City to beat ‘drudge in human form’, Watford. So, you know, every cloud. 

And my fun might not be over as left to pick I now have Sunderland, Liverpool, West Brom, and West Ham. Hmmmmmm. 

Even with West Brom fresh from their 2-2 pummelling of Burnley, which returned them to goal scoring ways for what seems like the first time this century, I’m not going to pick them to beat Chelsea.

Meanwhile West Ham only proved how dysfunctional they are by beating Spurs last time out. At home to Liverpool this week, anything could happen. I have no trust in either side to get the three points. I’m going to avoid.

Which leaves me with Sunderland. They’re at home to resurgent Swansea, one week after peeing all over my beloved Marco Silva’s survival party. Seriously, how could Sunderland – utterly dysfunctional and led by the coaching equivalent of Mr Tumble – beat anyone? I don’t know, but it looks like I’m going to be forced to pick them and find out. 

As I ponder this veritable junk yard of options, I look enviously at fixtures elsewhere. If I could I’d definitely be taking Everton to beat, you guessed it, Watford.

Finally, it’d be Crystal Palace who took the weekend off to give Man City shooting practice so should be fresh. They’re against Hull, and there’s nothing Big Sam will like more than showing how much bigger his big head of clever is than young upstart Marco Silva. I’m going on about Marco Silva again aren’t I? I’ll stop. There’s only two more weeks of this. Honest. 

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