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Champ Man Legend #10 Dionisis Chiotis

Champ Man Legends #10 Dionisis Chiotis I know what you’re thinking, how can this guy be a champ man legend? You sit down every morning to eat your favourite chocolate based cereal, and read a new “57 best championship manager players that never made it as a professional” article, and he’s never been mentioned. Well […]

GameWeek #28

Game Week #28 Preview All Change Can you remember a time before FA Cup 5th Round ties and Champions League Round of 16 games? Firstly, yes we can here at TFG HQ. Secondly, who calls anything a Round of 16? Anyway, if you can also cast your mind back as far as 10 days ago, you’ll […]

Champ Man Legend #No 9 USA

Back in the early part of the 21st Century, a time when I sincerely thought Bruce Arena was the name of a stadium rather than the manager of the USA national team, I’d just finished sixth form and was getting ready for life at University when Champ Man 01/02 was released/completely took over my life. […]

Champ Man Legends #6 Mark Kerr

Was there anyone who didn’t buy Mark Kerr from Falkirk on Championship Manager on the 01/02 version of the game? Perhaps if you’d picked a small club, or one on a tight budget he might have been unobtainable (there was always some competition for his signature), or maybe you just preferred the Scandinavian leagues value […]

Champ Man Legends #4 – Tommy Sv...

On any version of the Championship Manager/Football Manager series one of the first jobs of any aspiring manager would be to conduct what I sometimes referred to as a ‘Reverse Viking’: to raid the Scandinavian market for a crop of players. This obligatory foray would happen irrespective of which club you were managing; obviously if you […]

Champ Man Legends #3 – Maxim Ts...

Maxim Tsigalko was probably the most prolific goalscorer that I have ever come across throughout the Championship Manager/Football Manager series. Sometimes his first season might see slightly less than a goal a game, but after that it would be at least one goal a game, sometimes even breaking the 100 goal barrier, plus a bag […]