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Game Week #15 Preview

BLUE IS THE COLOUR AT THE TOP OF THE TABLE Midweek premier league games – what a treat / administrative nightmare.  Well done to all those who remembered to submit their pick.  If you didn’t, don’t worry – let’s just pretend you used a West Ham pick. It’s as you were at the summit of […]

Game Week #13 Preview

Curse gains strength as Marshman gets Pulis the sack Team TFG are very impressed with your attempts to gain a coveted pick of the week prize. Jon Dean opted for Huddersfield to win away at Bournemouth, with Roland Marshman and Russell Davies both opting for  ‘2 wins in 21 West Brom’ to win at home to Chelsea. Tony Pulis […]

Game Week #10 Preview

EVERYONE* LOSES SHOCKER! In unprecedented scenes, an incredible 80 TFGers managed to pick losers in Game Week #9 as the unpredictable nature of the Premier League wreaked havoc at the top of the TFG League. And speaking of the unpredictable nature of the Premier League – check out the first instalment of Dan Wiseman’s ‘Unpredictable Prem’ series! Turns […]

Game Week #9 Preview

CRYSTAL PALACE ACTUALLY SCORE SOME* GOALS The shock of the Game Week #8 was Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace side turning over Chelsea at Selhurst Park, meaning 18 of you dropped points picking the champions. Spurs, Man City and Swansea were all popular picks and this trio of home fixtures rewarded your faith accordingly. But there were […]

Game Week #8 Preview

TOFFEES SHATTER BUT HAMMERS PULL THROUGH There were points for the majority of you in Game Week #7 as Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham (only just!) and Stoke all proved popular picks, each returning your faith with no less than 3 beautiful points. This means that Daniel Lacey, James Jones and Walter Hodgson occupy first, […]

Game Week #7 Preview

OI BRAZIER! NO! Chris Brazier is not allowed to win TFG, therefore he is not top of the TFG league with a 100% record. Rob Macfarlane is not allowed to win a prize, therefore he is not in 4th place. Both these facts mean it’s actually Anne Shewring that now sits on top of the TFG league following an excellently executed […]